I think we are all feeling it.

The ways the world has changed in 12 months has impacted us deeply. We are feeling the loss of social time with our friends and missing the family members we don't live with. The sense of grief, impending doom, digital exhaustion, the boredom of being in the house all the time and the intense toll all of the above has taken on our mental health. Life will not be returning to what we know as normal for awhile yet, the future of many things is so uncertain. 

I have no other message here except to share that I understand you and that I see you. There is nothing more important to me and my business when it comes to listening to you. I adore your stories, I love getting to meet your kids, to see pictures of your dog, to greet you at a socially distanced store visit and to hear your experiences of what this year has brought for you. 

Human connection is the heart of who we are, we want to feel we belong to something, someone, that we matter. You matter to me. Please know that. Please share the ways you are feeling connected today. 

Ways to feel connected: 

I launched the "You're a Real Lifesaver 2.0" donation program that makes sure that we are thanking our Front Line Health Care workers. We donated 500 of these boxes a year ago, and today we are at 45. Our goal is 100 by April 15th.

Sending a box of baked goods can say a lot of what we can't say in person.

Take a walk in a new area of your community and smile and wave to everyone.

Join an online fitness class or sign up for Beachbody on Demand, it has gotten me through the cold winter and help me see my abs for the first time in a long while. No pictures available. Not sorry. 

Call a friend who you have not spoken to, texting is fine but there is nothing like catching up by phone, except catching up in person, but you know... 

Offer to collect the mail, the newspaper, the garbage, the _____ for your neighbour. 

When you are ready, step into my sanitized and safe store and say hello, let's connect. And you can always bring your dog. 




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