Intense and Challenging Times

We have all been faced with some kind of adversity in our lives. But I am sure we have never experienced it all at the same time. This pandemic has got me thinking of even greater ways that we can support each other. 

Many of you know, I come from a social support background, so compassion and kindness are my religion. I have worked with people with special needs, mentally and emotionally and have always found myself drawn to finding creative ways to help and to pull community together. 

This idea is only about 3 days old, it came to me when I was thinking about content for my newsletter and what to even say in a time like this. 

How can I properly serve my community?

How can I give back when I am not even sure I can pay my rent this month? 

The Thank You, You're a Real Lifesaver Stash Box was born in that moment. It was created to give community members an opportunity to nominate someone they know who is working on the frontlines of healthcare during this COVID-19 crisis.

The recipient will be gifted with a box of delicious, handmade and nut free baked goods to get them through one more day. All baked goods are donated by Eat My Shortbread me, the shipping and the cost of shipping supplies will be covered by generous donations from you. We have raised $435 to date and it keeps coming in.

I am in talks with larger partnerships, like Shopify and E Shipper to allow them the opportunity to contribute in anyway they feel they can. There is room here for everyone. I have a local jewelry supplier who is making key rings, a local clothing company making masks.

It is all possible when we do the things together. Stay tuned, stay in touch and stay safe. 


Love, Trisha 



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