Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More!

Baked goods that are truly as unique as your business.

You search high and low and carefully select each and every product you carry on your shelves. You give your customers great value and excellent service. They've come to expect that from you.

It isn't easy to find new, exciting products that suit your customer's preference for local, Canadian-made with simple ingredients and that are allergen-friendly.

Finding products that taste so good you're constantly replenishing your shelves because your customers keep coming back for more, that are easy to order from a company (us!) who's middle name should be "goes-the-extra-mile" is a challenge.

Your customers count on you to offer them products that shows that you know exactly what they want for their personal enjoyment, for entertaining at home and for gift giving.

Eat My Shortbread has a product line to please customers like yours. We call it vintage style baking. Our customers call it, "the best they've ever had!".  

You should have us send you a sample box. We're proud of what we make and we'd love for you to have a taste.  

We work with retailers across Canada such as Sobey's (in 27 locations and growing). We are proud to be part of the distribution network of Annex Distribution in southern Ontario. We currently do B2B in the remainder of the province and Canada.

Customers are hooked on our shortbread, but why else do retailers love doing business with us?


∙ Our Sampling Program so your customers get a taste before they put it in their cart. All samples are prepackaged.

∙ Our Take-Back Program so you're never stuck with product past their best-before date.

∙ Your orders can be customized and are filled promptly.

∙ No minimum orders so you can stay stocked even in the slow season.

∙ We are very active on all social media platforms that help build our brand and to promote the retailers who carry our products so our fans can find our products on your shelves.