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It seems that every corner you turn in your local community,  there is another sign for an upcoming Butter Tart Festival! It may have you scratching your head and wondering what is all this about and What is a Butter Tart anyway?

While craft shows and events have been around awhile, the Festival dedicated to our humble and delicious Canadian creation, the Butter Tart is relatively new. The first one started in Midland, ON in June 2015. It was a massive success! Over 20,000 people attended and 50,000 butter tarts were sold. www.buttertartfestival.ca

Eat My Shortbread is happy to be part of the butter tart train, participating in both Midland (2016, 2017 and 2018) and local Festivals as they pop up. Enniskillen General Store has been hosting one since 2014 and it just gets more popular every year! 

Butter Tarts, like the people who love them come in all shapes and sizes, flavours and tastes. Using a shortbread crust, Eat My Shortbread Butter Tarts are pretty ridiculous! Try one at the next Festival and you will be convinced you have just tasted the best one you have ever had.

Pinky swear! 

See you soon in Brooklin! 

love, Trisha