It is not like I have never been featured in a magazine before.

In High School I was a Wawa Winter Carnival Queen 1986. I was a featured contestant in the local paper, The Algoma News. The readership was around 179, I think. My Pat Benatar/Lady Diana love child hairstyle looked goooood. 

Last year I was on page 42 of the East of the City magazine, a gorgeous local Durham Region publication that skyrocketed my credibility with the older set! So many little ladies came into the cafe to compare their shortbread to mine, which often resulted in great conversation and laughter.

Mine always won, fyi!  :) 

As part of my laser-focused approach in 2018 to move Eat My Shortbread across our beautiful country, I want to spread my wings as I create each day. My intention this year is to BUILD, in fact, that is my word of 2018.

Anyone who has been paying attention to EMS can see this happening. All 1,963 of you on Instagram, 2,221 of you on Facebook, thank you very much! 

Yesterday I was approached by Jo Packer, the Editor in Chief of Where Women Cook and Where Women Work. An international 'bookazine' that is published by our own neighbour Distacor in Oshawa. Available for purchase in Chapters/Indigo as well as Longos, this stunningly beautiful magazine will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase my handmade baked goods, build my brand and speak in my own voice, as I have the chance to write the article myself. Cool, huh?

Watch for it in the later part of the summer. I am so thrilled to be included. 


Miss Wawa 1986

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