Where Women Create WORK Autumn 2018 Issue

Where Women Create WORK Autumn 2018 Issue

Aug 27, 2018Trisha Bower

I feel like I have been floating downstream this summer in one of those gorgeous, ubiquitous inflatable white and gold swans, going with the flow with my feet up and a drink in hand. Safely bopping in the warm water and babbling brook, not taking any real risks, not seeing any rocks or boulders ahead to avoid.  

It feels great!

It feels easy.

It feels right. 

Oh, trust me there is always the weirdness of life standing on the shoreline, things I see in my sideways glance briefly but nothing that threatened to tip me over or keep me from my buoyancy of grace.  

Running my business this year has paved a path for me to be one of two Canadian Women being featured in the iconic and beautifully produced 'book-a-zine' Where Women Create. This is a publication headquartered in Utah but published here in Oshawa, Ontario.

It is a sit-alone-in-the-shade-with-your-fav-sipping-beverage kind of magazine, relishing in the gorgeous photography and feasting on the pearls of wisdom and humour that come from each woman featured.

We are all so creatively different in our businesses and so much the same.

Most of the female entrepreneurs have written similar advice including 'encouragement to stay the course', 'be brave', 'don't listen to the naysayers' and certainly 'don't ever quit'. It is an honour to be among them.

Autumn is descending, the river is starting to run colder, my swan's neck is slightly deflated and my fingers are pruney. I think it is almost time to step out and find my next ride into the flow of life.  Please continue to join me or at least give me a wave as we pass each other!

Much love and may lots of butter be on your table, 


PS You can buy the magazine at Costco, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo starting August 29th.

Here's a sneak peek at my feature in Where Women Create: http://www.wherewomencreate.com/where-women-work/#fb0=13

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